Aug 17, 2011

[NEWS] U-Kwon’s interview with 10asia “Maintaining our image? We have none.” (110817)

My name is U-Kwon. My real name is Kim Yookwon. I’m in charge of dancing and being the smile representative in Block B. My birthday is April 9th, 1992 I was born in Ahnyang.

I have one older brother who is 6 years older than I am that looks exactly like me. After I made my debut, he was bitter. He asked me to help him become a celebrity. Haha. Not too long ago, it was his birthday (on August 9th), but he left for military training. Hyung, happy birthday!

I spent my high school days soldering and refining metal. I was in the electronics and machinery field of Ahnyang High School. I got compliments for being able to put LED right and solder well. Heuheuheu.

When I first met the members, Kyung introduced himself to me and said he got into the company as a visual of the team. Since then, he overflowed with confidence. Jiho’s first impression was very strong considering his looks so I thought, “Ah, he must have been the jjang (best fighter) at his school.” (Laughter). Seeing Jaehyo hyung, I thought of looks.(Jaehyo: Looks and singing!)

I was in charge of dancing in our team but when B-Bomb hyung came in, I was pushed back. Seeing B-Bomb hyung for the first time, I knew that he seemed like he danced well. Meanwhile, Taeil hyung looked like he could dance really well but he just sings well. Hahaha. I was worried on what I should do and I decided to work harder in various areas. And in order to achieve looks, I lost weight too.

Originally, I preferred pop more than hip hop. I like senior BEAST’s music and after being in Block B, I began listening more to hip hop. Kyung tipped me first on raps and other music in that area that I should listen to. (Park Kyung: That’s right, Kyung told him!).

When we go eat, the standards we have for our menu is (Zico: The one that’s the cheapest!). So that’s why we tend to eat chicken mayonnaise bento box often. It’s nearby the hair salon we go to. The words we’re most scared of is a credit card being maxed-out. Not too long ago, we were coming back from a schedule and we had to put gas in our car but the card was maxed-out so Jaehyo hyung paid. It was 10 manwon (roughly 100USD)!!

Jaehyo hyung tends to over-exaggerate. If something is stuck in his eye, he has sty and if his chest feels suffocating, he’s developing cancer. If he coughs a little bit, it’s the flu and if his hair is a bit out of line, then he’s screwed for the day. (Jaehyo: Because I listen to hip hop, I think I tend to over-exaggerate certain things. Haha!).

I can’t play baseball well, but I want to be in the KBS show . Because if you’re in there, you can learn everything. I wish a program like this for soccer will be made in the future. I can’t do feet tricks well, but I used to be a goalkeeper.

After the first episode of was aired, the writer of the show apologized to chairman Cho PD saying that they felt as if they didn’t protect our images well, but he said “You can release stronger ones than that.” Maintaining our image? We have none. But when I lost my sanity was when I was able to see senior TVXQ’s stage on a special for KBS .



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