Aug 17, 2011

[NEWS] P.O’s interview with 10asia “I am in charge of the endless charisma rap in Block B.” (110817)

My name is P.O. My real name is Pyo Jihoon. I am in charge of the endless charisma rap in Block B. I was born on February 2nd, 1993. I’m currently attending Hanlim Entertainment and Arts High School.

Ever since my first year of junior high, I wanted to be a rapper. And in order to go to an arts school, I learned acting as a specialty. If the opportunity comes, I want to act too. But after going on more music programs!

During junior high, I caused…a lot of trouble. In high school, I went out a lot. My friends and I would come up with ideas and put up 15 minute-long skits on stage. Although we would spend 2 months without much sleep, it was something we wanted to do so it was fun.

When choosing the Block B members in the beginning, I was eliminated. Back then, I was chubby and had a perm so I guess that was why I was dropped. But after being eliminated, I thought, “Huh, you’re going to eliminate me? I’m a person who will succeed and you’re eliminating me? Wait and see. I’m going!”

And after losing 10kg, I auditioned again and they qualified me in seeing how much effort I put. My techniques in dieting? Of course I starved. I haven’t gained it back or anything yet.

When I first saw Jiho hyung…I thought he was really ugly. But he rapped really well so he looked even more awesome outweighing his looks. He really seems like a genius! Jaehyo hyung is too good looking so I thought he was a foreigner. When I first saw Taeil hyung, he was tiny and cute. When I first saw Kyung hyung (Park Kyung: I was a legend, right?).Yes, he was a legend.

A celebrity that looks like me is Taeil hyung. There was a time where we went to go sing a congratulatory song for a wedding and we had the same hair style at the time, so the picture taken on that day became a legendary picture.

I used to really have a sweet voice when I was younger, but after not maintaining my voice well when puberty hit around, my voice got deep. In impersonating senior Jo Kwon with this voice was possible because it was a talent I practiced a lot before our debut.

If Block B were to have their solo concert, I want to show everyone the full version of all our songs that came out till then.

The outfit I’m wearing now used to be hip hop-styled pants that used to come down to my knees but after washing it over and over again, it shrunk this much. (B-Bomb: But we have to like it. we are liking it right now. U-Kwon: My outfit is a one piece so if I raise my arms, a certain part pulls up. At first, it was embarrassing and I freaked out but now, I think I stretched the outfit out a bit).

Being an only child and having both parents work, I didn’t like being home alone. I purposely would bring friends over and have them spend the night and after being in this team, I was given hyungs. I thought everything would be well if we all lived in a dorm together, but there are good and bad things to it. Haha. (Zico: But you always sleep at the dorm when you have time instead of sleeping at home!).


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