Aug 15, 2011

[News] Kyuhyun of Super Junior sings in Immortal Classics 2 after coming back from the hospital

Kyuhyun sang “It’s Too Much” overcoming his bad condition.

In the episode of Immortal Classics 2 that aired on August 13, the competition was held with Kim Soo Hee’s hit songs. The new rule where the winner of the first competition can choose when to go on the stage added the pressure.

Kyuhyun of Super Junior had a hard time. His throat was sore; he ended up not being able to sing due to his sore throat during the rehearsal, and came down the stage.

He went to the hospital and came back, but was still worried about his throat.

Before going up the stage Kyuhyun said, “This is the fight with myself.” He sang Kim Soo Hee’s debut song “It’s Too Much” and received much applause for singing without making any mistakes despite his sore throat.



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