Aug 15, 2011

[News] Kim HyunJoong the family loving fine man, might change career for children in future

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Kim HyunJoong who is known as "South Korea Top SuperStar", on the 14th under a heavy downpour, he held his fan meeting with more than 2000 fans, showing his great appeal. On the 15th afternoon, in Far East Hotel which he is staying in, he held his first solo mini album 'Break Down' Greater China press conference. Other than being awarded Platinum record by Warner Music Taiwan, Kim HyunJoong also personally answered fans questions. Self proclaim 'God of Universe', and said that he is not a earthling, his sense of humor and super linear thinkings are totally exceptional, giving the MC a big headache. 

During the fans questioning section on the spot, in pre-recorded video, fan asked Kim HyunJoong most wanted to visit which place in Taiwan? Kim smile and answered that he wished to holiday near a seaside, but unfortunately his schedule is too tight! Why does he dye his hair gold? Kim said seriously that as the 1st hit song must be very man, so for the 2nd hit song, his company think that he should looked more gentle and considerate, therefore his black hair was dyed to golden, but Kim HyunJoong also exposed that before his year end concert he might release another album, so his style might change again! There's also fan asking him whether he met any ghost during this album recording and filming. Kim HyunJoong said, he didn't met any during the recording, however, he calmly and seriously said: 'I have seen it before in my home and hostel...'

Kim HyunJoong also show off his painting skill during the event, and using this drawing for a psychological test, to analyse his human relationship and career. The MC said, from the drawing content showed that Kim HyunJoong is not a male chauvinist, he will be very family loving, but the stone in the drawing represent obstacle and duck represent his future children, seems like the children will be Kim HyunJoong's future obstacle! Kim HyunJoong frowned and asked: 'But the duck is pressing on the stone?' The MC immediately interpreted it in a different way, 'Children should be helping you to block all obstacles!' Kim HyunJoong then smile and said that if he really have children, he will consider other career.

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