Aug 3, 2011

[NEWS] Jay Park thinks 2NE1 “is the next big thing”

In a recent interview with the Singaporean site Kourier, Jay Park was asked a variety of questions. Among one of them included, “Looking at the current K-pop market, with so many idol groups out there, who do you think is/are the next big thing?”

After cracking a joke, Jay considers the question and gives a thoughtful response. “Let’s see… You know, I think 2NE1 will do really, really well throughout the world [with] the type of music that they’re doing and their style and everything. I think they will do well in many other countries besides Korea.”

Fans have responded with enthusiasm to his answer. Comments include, “I wish to see 2NE1 and Jay perform together!” and “Black Jacks also love Jay Park. ^^”

What do you think of his answer?

Watch the interview below.

His answer about 2NE1 is around 3:44.

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