Aug 5, 2011

[News] Fans put up an ad in LA for SNSD’s 4th anniversary

It has been 4th years since SNSD’s 2007 debut with the single album “Into the New World”. Over those four years, SNSD has come to be considered an icon for girl groups in the music world.

In celebration of girl group SNSD’s 4th year anniversary, SNSD’s international fan community Soshified planned a digital billboard ad that will run for 8 days in LA on a screen that is 10.4×7.3m.

According to Soshified’s website, Los Angeles was picked as the best location for the digital billboard advertisement, since it seemed like the best place to get lots of people to see it.

Those who live in Los Angeles can see the television ad until August 8th on top of the Aroma Wilshire Center Building.

SNSD fans commented, “The 4 years since their debut passed so fast, like a dream” and “I feel proud of the fact that SNSD has grown to become a group that is known widely”.

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