Aug 17, 2011

[NEWS] B2ST is refused entry into Japan

B2ST’s agency, Cube Entertainment, says, “In the morning of the 16th, B2ST couldn’t pass through immigration after arriving at Haneda Airport in Japan. After eight hours of waiting, the group got denied entry into Japan and is now on the way back to Korea. We have already talked about all the matters regarding the visa and schedule with the Japanese agency, but as you see, things didn’t work out. So we had no choice but to cancel all schedules in Japan.”

“We are still looking into details of what has caused such a problem. In the future, we will not let this thing or any things that will distract the group’s activities in Japan happen again,” the agency added.

Originally, B2ST was to promote its first album So Beast in Japan on the 16th and visit the pre-release show of the Hollywood movie Shanghai which selected B2ST’s song, “Fiction,” as one of its sound tracks.


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