Aug 17, 2011

[NEWS] B-Bomb’s interview with 10asia “I want to raise a little sister.” (110817)

My stage name is B-Bomb, and my real name is Lee Minhyuk. I’m Block B’s dancing machine. I was born on December 4th, 1990, and I’m an only child.

That’s why I want to raise a… little sister? in our dorm. A lot of people say that they fight with their younger sisters but I don’t understand that. I think if I had a younger sister, I would do everything she wanted me to. (Kyung: You have to raise her strong! I’m going to give out the proper consequences! If she does something wrong, I’ll hit her hand! Jaehyo: I’ll never allow staying out all night! P.O: I’m going to teach her how to do house work and Zico hyung will teach her about life.) Then I’ll… teach her how to cook.

Ever since high school, I was just the kid that always danced. I’d dance and hold battles with my friends after school and even took part in competitions. When I first joined our current company, Jaehyo told me, “You can come here, let’s eat together.” He took care of me well so I thought he had trained here for at least a year until I found out that he actually joined a day before me.

At the time, Kyung always wore his hat around so I couldn’t see his face clearly. (Kyung: I wore hats so much then that I’m beginning to lose hair in the front. If anyone knows any good places where they do hair implants, please suggest some for me…)

In our dorm, Zico, P.O, Taeil, Kyung, and U-Kwon share the same room while I share a room with Jaehyo and our manager hyung. We chose who we wanted to be roommates with.

When we talk amongst ourselves, there’s someone that tosses in a topic and someone that spikes it. It goes like, toss-toss-toss-spike. (Jaehyo: The leaders are Kyung and Zico! Zico: I don’t lead. I only take in. Kyung’s the leader of tossing~)

Since seven men live in one dorm, there are times where another member will be wearing my underwear. (Jaehyo: Underwear is like your girlfriend, how could you not remember whose you’re wearing?) But sometimes, even when it’s not theirs, they’ll always lie and claim that it is!

The moment where I wanted to baby Taeil was when he was crying tears the size of chicken eggs while watching 4MEN senior’s stage.

While preparing fo rour Match Up mini-concert, we practiced a lot and made a lot of ideas. I had a lot of fun during that and we all promised each other to succeed enough to open our own concert.

When that day comes, we want to show off a more sound-oriented performance. It’s not that our visual performance is weak or anything, and I fully believe that if we mix the two together, we’ll make for an impressive concert.

A man’s charm? I think it comes from his wallet.



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