Aug 16, 2011

"Spy Myungwol" will not be extended due to "Poseidon"

KBS's Monday and Tuesday drama "Spy Myungwol" will not be extended. The writer of "Spy Myungwol" before had stated that she was thinking about making the drama be 18 episodes instead of the basic 16 episode drama. Later on, she also thought of making it extended to 20 episodes.

The channel's representative stated that the next drama to air, "Poseidon," has started its preparation and filming late, but most of its basic preparation has already been done. Therefore, the need for 20 episodes of "Spy Myungwol" is unnecessary.

"Spy Myungwol" is a drama about connecting North and South Korea through the romance of a North Korean officer and a South Korean Hallyu star.

Jun Hyunjin, the writer, has been able to create a huge enjoyment for viewers with the combination of a serious North/South Korea issue and a more light and comedic love line. Furthermore, Han Yeseul and Eric have been making the love line more alive.

The 9th episode of the drama has gotten a rating of 7.6% with an increase in the 10th episode by .7%. The ratings have actually been growing slowly despite the terrible beginning in ratings.

Meanwhile, "Poseidon" will be airing on September 19th. "Spy Myungwol is currently having problems with the lead actress, Han Yeseul, missing in action and it is rumored she has left the country.



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