Aug 17, 2011

[Me2Day] Dara Says “Saranghae!”

싸인회를 마치고 다음 스케줄중인 퉤니원!많이 찾아와준 팬분들 보고
감동한 우리~!+.+ 너무 즐겁게 싸인회를 마치고 넘 아쉬웠어용ㅠ익숙한 얼굴들도있었고 귀엽고 재밋는분들도 넘 많았어용!난
생각보다 안어색햇지~롱!^_^v이런 기회가 앞으로 더 많이생겻음좋겟어용!^0^

Tags: 가까이에서 직접 랙잭이들을 만나보니 우릴 향한 사랑의마음이 너무 느껴져서 눈물이 날정도로 기뻣어요 캬~!!! 역시.. 사랑은 표현해야되요! ^.^ 따랑해요~!

fan signing schedule for 2NE1 is finished! We found a lot of reports
that the fans who came were impressed~! +.+ It was so fun in the fan
signing that I really regretted that it was over so soon ㅠ I saw a lot
of cute, familiar faces of people who always come to see us a lot!
There were a lot who came, so I wasn’t as awkward as I thought I would
be! ^_^v I hope that we could have a chance to do this in the future,
because it gives a lot of good and warm feelings! ^0^

When Blackjacks tell me directly the love that they have in their
hearts for us, I get so moved that it brings tears to my eyes, kya~!!!
Can I… also express my love too? ^.^ I love you~!


Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

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