Aug 11, 2011

MBLAQ rejects the offers for roles in dramas and musicals

Idol group MBLAQ has been offered for roles in several dramas and musicals, but they rejected the offers.

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon has been offered for roles of powerful male characters in dramas, but his agency rejected the offers. MBLAQ’s lead vocal G.O also has been offered for roles in musicals, but the agency rejected the offers too.

This is an unusual behavior because other idol singers are in a
variety of genres including, drama and musical. And especially when MBLAQ’s song ‘Mona Lisa’ became popular and G.O is playing an active role in KBS’s Immortal Classics 2.

MBLAQ’s agency said, “Many dramas and musicals are offering
MBLAQ’s members roles. But their schedule is so full until later this
year so they can’t accept all the offers

MBLAQ will hold their first exclusive concert at Jamsil
Indoor Stadium on the 20th. They prepared big scaled performances. They
will release their new song and active in Japan later this year. Their
goal is to rank 1st in Korea and Japan. Members also agreed to appear
individually in dramas and musicals after MBLAQ’s success.

The agency said, “MBLAQ’s fans are increasing so MBLAQ needs to focus on their album."

Source: OSEN from Nate

credit: en.korea

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