Aug 17, 2011

JYJ appointed as ambassadors for Asia-Pacific forum on AIDS

After a controversial representation for Jeju Island's nomination for the seventh wonder of the world, the JYJ members have been appointed as the new ambassadors for an international forum on AIDS.

The upcoming international forum in the Asia Pacific region is set to come to Busan, South Korea next week and has officially confirmed JYJ as their new promotional representatives.

The 10th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific is set to be held in South Korea on August 26 to 30. The event is a gathering composed of 4,000 AIDS experts and advocates across 70 countries in Asia Pacific. This is the largest conference in the region and the first international AIDS-related gathering to be held in the country.

As to why they have selected JYJ to be the representatives of the forum, the chairman of the organizing committee was quoted saying, “The appointment of JYJ to PR ambassador for the conference will help share common regional goals in Asia Pacific to prevent and fight against AIDS." The chairman added that the appoinment of JYJ symbolizes that Korea serves the international community with economic growth, cultural power and social responsbility.

Meanwhile, in response to their recent appointment, Park Yoochun sent out a statement saying, “As the PR ambassador, I have learned that AIDS patients can lead a healthy life with proper medical care. We will try our best to raise awareness in Asia."

What do you think of JYJ's new advocacy?


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