Aug 5, 2011

JQT to release a song in America this November

Girl group JQT released the song "Tok Tok Song," an addictive song with the lyrics about someone who is worried about her acne problem. The fun lyrics "Tok Tok Tok Tok Tok, Bbo Shong Bbo Shong" showed a new concept for the group. This new concept showed a more girlish and youthful side of them.

JQT's "Tok Tok Song" is about someone who wants to stand in front of her boyfriend with clean acne-less skin. This song was targeted towards those who are in their teens.

The song's repetitive lyrics "Tok Tok" are a reference to the nickname for a famous skin product Creosine T. JQT's members stated that their schedules are so busy, they don't have the time to go to the hospital for skin treatments. For them, Creosine T is a skin care essential. They bring it with them whenever they go on trips overseas.

Currently, JQT has gotten a love call from Melvin Brown, producer for Lady Gaga. Furthermore, they are currently on a world tour to promote their songs. This November, they are planning on releasing a single in America and releasing an album next January.



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