Aug 5, 2011

Jerome Block, Jr. faces questions on gas card and more

From Capitol Report New - It’s been a rocky few days for Jerome Block Jr. — not that the last few years have been smooth sailing for the Public Regulation Commission member who seems to attract controversy on a regular basis. On Thursday (Aug. 4), the intrigue rose to a new level as state workers outside the Public Employees Retirement Association Building were treated to the sight of investigators cracking open Block’s Dodge Durango as allegations swirled that Block had been fraudulently using a state gas card. a report from Gadi Schwartz of KOB-TV on Thursday said that a string of suspicious charges had been put on Block’s state gas account between January and May, totalling about $4,000 — about twice as much as any other member of the PRC racked up despite the fact that Block lives closer to the PRC offices in Santa Fe than any other member of the commission:On May 6 of this year, Block’s PIN and a PRC gas card were used to buy $29 of unleaded at a Conoco in Espanola. Nine minutes later, $40 was charged on the card for unleaded plus. Two hours after that, another charge at the same gas station for $80.92. Similar charges took place at almost a dozen gas stations. Block said Thursday, “I wouldn’t abuse state property or abuse a position that people have entrusted me to do that.” He says someone else must have made those charges. Read more

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