Aug 15, 2011

Infinite Fanclub Ceremony Tickets Sold Out in 1 Minute!

After having their first year anniversary this year in June, the members of Infinite have showed their appreciation to their fan club known as "Inspirt" who has been with them through their journey of their rookie year. And to thank them, Infinite will hold their first official fan club commencement ceremony to greet their Inspirts and have a chance to be intimate with them. To much surprise, as soon as the tickets were available for sale, the power of the Inspirits sold them all out in only 1 minute!

On August 17th at the Children's Grand Park in Seoul, Infinite will hold their ceremony with their active fan club. Looking forward to this ceremony for a year, fans were waiting just as the tickets were online and 2,000 seats were sold in one minute.

Their agency commented, "Fans who have not received a ticket have been storming us for the chance at additional tickets to be sold. We thank you for the very hot response."

In the meantime at the ceremony, Infinite will be performing songs, both individual and as a group, as well as other special showcases to look forward to.



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