Aug 13, 2011

Increase Your Visits With OpenID Commenting

What is OpenID?

OpenID is a distributed identity system, designed to facilitate access to multiple websites using a single identification. With OpenID, instead of using a username and password for each online service, you only use one URL for everyone.

Wikipedia has a great entry in English that explains What is OpenID. If you've never heard, I strongly recommend that you read before proceeding.

If you are a user can use the Blogspot URL to your own blog to log where the OpenID option is available. Especially when commenting on other blogs Blogspot, I'll explain why.

How to increase your visits using OpenID

It is known that one of the most effective ways to get new readers to your blog and leaving comments relevant blogs in the same niche as yours. Human beings are curious creature by nature and usually follows the comments more attractive.

But if you are a user of Blogspot and comments using your Google account to pay attention, because instead of leaving the URL of your blog link in your comment, is leaving your profile page on Blogger.

And that's not very interesting because the profile page is standardized for all users. So how will you differentiate yourself in this crowd of blogs, posting a default page, like everyone else, rather than its own address?

Would not it be better to leave your comment associated with the home page of your blog? To this comment using OpenID whenever the option is available. Commenting on your blog using OpenID is to be linked, not your profile page.

How to comment using your OpenID Blogspot

Comment using OpenID is safer because it guarantees the identity of the commentator, unlike the option Name / URL and forms of Wordpress for example, where it is easy to forge a fake identity.

To comment on blogs using OpenID anchored on Blogspot, as do the images below:

Note: Using OpenID for the first time in a particular website, you must enter your username and password from the default page of a Google Blogger, this is normal and serves to confirm that your property under OpenID.

Important: On your own blog, comment your identity when using Google, otherwise the hack highlight the author's commentsWill not work. Read Best Techniques To Become An Influential Commentator.

The rule is clear: In the other OpenID in with your Google Account.

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