Aug 14, 2011

How To Use Keyword Tool To Generate Leads

You can not keep a blog and write quality articles efficient from the standpoint of SEO techniques or relevant, either to search engines and people who will read, without a proper search for keywords and use them efficiently. You need to know the most important keywords for your blog and its contents to generate more leads and improve the quality of your articles. Here's a great tool for this research.

Here have dealt with it in other articles, but it's always nice to revisit some processes in creating content for a blog. Find and read is very important, especially to keep up your blog and not get lost in your chosen niche.

Complement reading this tutorial with the following text:

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Using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

Google offers a page where you can search the frequency and amount of times a word or phrase, and even a set of words and phrases are searched for periods (usually 30 days) in its search engine, Google. This makes it possible to know which keywords your niche more searched on Google.

If used well, can help you write articles more efficient from the standpoint of SEO techniques and put your blog and its contents in a better position organic results.

Google Keyword Tool

Check the search language. Then enter one or more words / phrases of interest. You will need to check the character, but is only the first time you do a search. Then just click on "Search."

We recommend that you do a search for a word or phrase at a time, leaving the box marked "Only show ideas closely related to my search terms". This makes the engine more free to suggest the most wanted results that relate to the word you typed.

This tool is used by advertisers who hire advertising service from Google, then shows a result for the size of the competition for the search words. This data can be ignored and it is important to see a few.

Then, the image, I highlight the column that should be noted: total monthly search volume. " That is, the average monthly searches done by the people those words on Google.

In the example we are using the word "Rpg Online Games" to find out which keywords are more effective. "Rpg Online Games" is the result of one month average of 301,000 searches. Compared with the other is a good average and is a word with a great potential.

If used in articles and texts, as well as titles and tags of images and content markers, along with "Rpg", "Rpg Games" and "Rpg Online Games" and can help define my niche.

Still, it is worth remembering that certain keywords have a lot of competition, is always seeking indexing many other sites in the same words and can be difficult to stand out in this medium. A good strategy would be to go in search of the words mean and invest more in them than in the words of great weight, but without abandoning the strongest words.

This gives a balance to your articles and shows you an alternative way to get more public, without having to go head to head with your competitors and risk losing the fight.

Another thing to consider is, if you scroll the results page, you will see another list of keywords related to "Additional keywords to consider - sorted by relevance". Google offers a list of words that are considered relevant if added to the keywords listed above. This is a good help to make your articles more efficient and point out ways of indexing. This adds value to your content and shows other ways to improve the quality of your articles and give directions how to act more efficiently.

The keywords sorted by relevance have to do with how people act when doing a search. Google catalogs and this determines which results are more efficient together.

That way, if you chose as main words, following the example here, "rpg online Games" / "rpg" / "best online rpg games" can add value to its content and articles dealing with issues also using "deathwatch rpg "/" rpg "/" zombie rpg "/" camping "as a reinforcement to improve their indexing.

Here you just gave a quick example and without much depth. Remember that it is good to evaluate what your competitors are doing and what keywords they are well indexed so you can well define their area of expertise.

Invest time in research and has patience to read and see the results, which are always long term, but very satisfying if done well this early work.

Gradually you will become familiar with your niche and finding out.

Which gives more options to act more naturally and without relying on either of these mechanisms, but without giving up its use? For this to become a natural thing you need to do some reading, researching and writing very much. Knowing your visitors is vital, especially to know what he wants and offer you just that.

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