Aug 5, 2011

How To Increase Adsense Earning

Who is the affiliate program for monetization of sites Google Adsense has seen a sharp drop CPM since last year, anxious to increase your Adsense earnings in many users procural ways to optimize their sites / blogs. Here are some tips how to increase your CTR and CPM and thus boost their earnings.

1. Use the tags and the parts of your site where you want to read the Adsense content, preferably so that it displays advertisements related to the text that is between these tags.

" Download the best free mobile ringtones, send free sms, download games for your phone, all operators and all mobile phone models "

An example like the one above in one, you most likely will return to your site, ads for ringtones and mobile games, mobile phones and new. Use and abuse of this code is very useful. You can put as many times as you want on each page.

With it, you will help prevent the display Adsense ads unrelated to your site.

2. Use the larger banners that Adsense has, and place on your website. Try to place on the left side and center of the site. If you have space, place on top. If you have only the right side and the bottom, forget dreaming about Adsense on these sites, yields very little.

3. Use link bars whenever you can. The size 728 × 15 are the best, and make great profits. If possible, place these on top of the site.

4. Color: This is one of the most important tips, and can double your income (for me it was like) - Place all the ads and links in standard colors of Google, and only text ads. If you are not in the colors of Google, when you put on your site, create a new table of colors, the colors of the google, and use it as default for all your ads.

5. Keep a small list of filtered sites. Yes, I know it's not legal, because they have multiple ads that have nothing to do with your site, but if you have a huge list of filtered sites, Smart Pricing takes a lot, and Google lowers your CTR and eCPM to levels crying with rage, it's terrible, I got through that and I know the agony of seeing the numbers dropping. Keeping a small list of filtered sites, my CTR and eCPM increased much, the next day, five days after suffering without knowing of the existence of Smart Pricing. Block only the worst ads, preferably those that appear in their most visited pages.

6. Go on the "My Account" at the bottom of the page, edit the options of "preference ads." So let:
Only text ads in all ad units.

Font Family "Verdana" in all ad units.
For me, rose 1.5% CTR, with this change. Very good.

I put up all these steps into practice, my CTR to go from 2% to 6% average per day.

With these tips, if your income does not increase much after 24 hours, with all these tips put into practice, you can swear, that I accept.

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