Aug 16, 2011

Han Yeseul leaves the cast of "Spy Myungwol"

Last week, we reported that filming for "Spy Myungwol" was put on standby due to a conflict with the lead actress Han Yeseul.

It was recently revealed that Han Yeseul has decided not to go through with the remainder of the drama. The drama's production crew has accordingly decided to substitute a different actress in Han Yeseul's place. Previous difficulties the production team has encountered include the show's writers being switched due to low ratings.

On August 14, it was announced that Han Yeseul had decided not to shoot for the drama any further, due to issues with the PD. She soon left for the United States, where her mother currently is. According to a representative from KBS, the "Spy Myungwol" production crew gathered for an emergency meeting on August 15th.

KBS and the production crew have so far agreed to change the leading female actress, due to Han Yeseul's absence. As the show's viewer ratings have been steadily rising and the follow-up drama "Poseidon" has just begun shooting, it was decided that ceasing production would not be an appropriate decision.

While candidates for the newly vacated female role are unknown, the production crew said that they will cast another actress as soon as possible, so as to continue filming for the drama.



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