Aug 14, 2011

Google Insights for Search: Keyword and Relevance

A blog to stand out in organic results of searches have to worry about some fundamental things. There is much talk in SEO - Search engine optimization, Key words (keywords), among other things. But when you're writing a blog, even for fun, often do not know what mechanisms and tools to use to get along. So we'll see a tip for research that involves blog Keywords.

There is nothing to discuss: a blog will only take effect at the top of search results for your niche is to worry about two fundamental things - everything else is just a complement:

1. Quality content and relevant to their readers / visitors and niche;
2. If properly use keywords in content.

When creating a blog, search engines are concerned to organize your content exactly what it is reading and verifying the occurrence of words and phrases that connect the issues and how the sum of these articles complement each other.

Understanding: think of an encyclopedia of any one issue: health. Its contents will only be considered relevant by those who read all the texts that are interconnected in some way and are complementary. The more specific and more circular are the topics discussed, but easy to understand and seek answers.

It is therefore important that your blog follow a specific niche to be successful and try to be more specific, specialized possible. See for example here [Tools Blog] same. My focus is always the services involving the Blogger platform and how to improve blogs that use this Google service. I want people to see my content always as complementary, because that is what makes it relevant and people coming back for more.

To improve the indexing of my content, I started using a service very useful and efficient time to search for keywords to write my articles more relevant to my niche. With that I placed in my writing better Google Organic and gotten people to read more articles, staying longer on my pages.

(Remember that there are hundreds of factors that determine the position of an article or page in the results, but we must do everything in our power to improve.)

Google Insights for Search - See what the world is searching for.

With the service Insights for Search - It is possible to measure the proportion of searches for certain words, phrases and expressions, compared to other and measuring the relevance of what we call Keywords (Keywords).

I will show here only a standard usage. There are several ways to do research, even by region, specific times of the year (for the case of words that are more sought on certain dates, eg.: Christmas) or by categories and niches. Learning to make such comparisons can ensure a long life to your blog and content, creativity in how to address certain niches and themes, using the words correctly.

The most basic and direct way to do research with this service and get results is to compare terms, "Search Terms" (1), which is the first option.

To add multiple keywords, just click the link "Add search term" (2) and type what you want. Then check the desired period (3) and click on "Search" (4).

So if I want to compare what is most searched in the last 12 months, in Alaska (United States), including "Blogger" and "WordPress", we see that the word "Wordpress" is more than the other searched his rival in Alaska, making it the most relevant.

Numbers are not displayed, but only percentages and graphs, as a matter of Google's privacy policy.

Explore the features of the service to improve the content and therefore attract more visitors and learn to link your articles with keywords, and sought more efficient.

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