Aug 4, 2011

‘Gisaeng Ryung’ shares a clip of Hyomin’s shower scene

Gisaeng Ryung‘, the first horror film this summer to be slammed with a 19+ rating, has released a clip of one of its shower scenes featuring T-ara’s Hyomin.

Horror films are notorious for spooky shower scenes, and this movie definitely brought its own twist to the cliche. Hyomin’s character enters a state of shock once she witnesses a gruesome murder scene, and the shower scene picks up from when she awakes.

After heading in for a shower, she comes out only to realize that the floor is starting to heat up. Cautiously, she grabs for the door knob but gets burned because of the heat emitting from the door. Blood then begins to seep in through the cracks before the scene fades and cuts.

In an interview, Hyomin revealed, “The shower scene was the climax of my character, so I went through lengthy discussions with the director to better perfect it. The director wanted to maintain the aura of mystery that idols have and asked to tone down the scene so I had no choice but to make it light and clean. If we had known that the movie would be slammed with a higher rating, I think I would’ve went for a more dramatic shot.”

The movie hits theaters on August 4th.

Click the URL below for the video:


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