Aug 3, 2011

Electroboyz to make a comeback with an additional member

Brave Brothers‘ male duo, Electroboyz, have revealed that they will be making a comeback this fall with an additional member.

The Electroboyz debuted last year with “Incoming Call” and garnered a ‘mania fanbase’ that’s supported them since. For a while, the duo have featured in various songs by Brave Brothers, the most recent being “Break Up” with B2ST’s Kikwang.

On August 3rd, Brave Brothers revealed, “Joining Maboos and 1Kyne will be a new member namedChakoon, who’s skilled in both composing and writing songs. Singer-songwriter Chakoon is talented in rapping and singing, and has experience in the hip hop scene, so we’re sure he will be like a breath of fresh air for the group.”

Chakoon was featured in the intro rap and chorus section of “Break Up”. The Electroboyz will be making a comeback this fall with a track produced by Brave Brothers.


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