Aug 3, 2011

Eight Bloggers Who Earn More Than $ 10,000 Per Month

A website A partner search for relationship, kept at home, yields approximately U.S. $ 300,000 (£ 656,000) monthly to its owner, Canadian Markus Frind. He leads a ranking of users who receive more money from contextual advertising services like Google Adsense. The ratio excludes large corporations such as America Online.

The list was assembled by American blogger John Chow, based on good stories and blog posts published on the Internet and vehicles communication. This is the case of second-placed Kevin Rose, who had won their article published in Business Week magazine. Rose is the creator of Digg, a site for sharing and classification of links increasingly popular in the United States.

The leader is the site Plentyoffish, a basic service for finding partners for relationship with 500 million page views per month. Markus Frind has the address in your home with the help of four servers and girlfriend, who answers e-mails from users. He had already received a check worth U.S. $ 900,000 (almost $ 2 million) for the payment of two months.

The ranking is completed, for example, a duo that creates and sells custom layouts for users of My Space and Joel Comm, author of an e-book on Google's own Adsense. There's also the owner of Weblogs Inc, a publisher of professional blogs sold to AOL at the end of last year. In total, blogger John Chow got eight people together in their ranking of monthly earnings. Check out the list of Eight Bloggers Who Earn More Than $ 10,000 Per Month:

1. Markus Frind (PlentyOfFish): U.S. $ 300 000
2. Kevin Rose (Digg): U.S. $ 250 000
3. Jeremy Shoemaker (Shoemoney): U.S. $ 140 000
4. Jason Calacanis (Weblogs Inc.): U.S. $ 120 000
5. David Miles Jr. & Kato Leonard (Freeweblayouts): U.S. $ 100 000
6. Tim Carter (AskTheBuilder): U.S. $ 30 000
7. Joel Comm: U.S. $ 24 000
8. Shawn Hogan (DigitalPoint): U.S. $ 10 000

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