Aug 16, 2011

Delhi – Anna Hazare Supporters Arrested while eating

Delhi – Anna Hazare Supporters Arrested while eating

More than 50 Supporters who came to Delhi from all over the India were arrested by Delhi police at Jai Prakash Narain Park.

Delhi Home Secretary Arvind Ray told PTI that we have decided that people of Anna Hazare team and his followers will be kept in the Chhatrasal stadium in case they are arrested,"

The stadium belongs to Delhi Government.

Anna Hazare has declared that he will go on fast today if Delhi Police arrest him he will go to jail.

He has said Going Jail for the love of nation is a jewel one should be proud of that jewel.

Anna Hazare said that we will march to JP Park and if arrested, I will fast in custody. When I am released, I will go there again to start my fast,"

Delhi Police spokesperson Rajan Bhagat said, "We have denied them permission to protest at JP Park. Section 144 that restricts a gathering of people has been imposed at the park and all roads leading to it. If anyone tries to defy the orders, the punishment can vary from preventive custody to arrest."

The Delhi police has also imposed prohibitory orders at several places in central Delhi areas are JP Park, Rajghat, Dilli Gate

Delhi Police has also sought the services of two magistrates.

Do you think this is the murder of Indian Democracy?

Next time when you plan to vote for Congress Remember this ?

Do you think Like Ramdev Baba Delhi Police will beat Anna Hazare?

Do you think one should stay in his home because of the fear of Police danda?

Do you think the sacrifice of our Gods Bhagat Singh , Bose wasted?

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