Aug 17, 2011

Davichi to make a comeback with a new mini-album

Sweet pop duo Davichi is back!

Davichi will be making their comeback with their first mini-album in over a year, and it’s been receiving major attention because their new album features songs written by songwriter Jun Hye Sung, who’s written OSTs for SBS’s ‘Secret Garden‘. For Davichi, he wrote their title track, “Don’t Say Goodbye“.

Jun Hye Sung is famous for composing the two most popular songs from ‘Secret Garden’ , “That man“, and “That woman“, as well as “Don’t Forget Me“, an track from the ‘The Greatest Love‘ OST.

Because his previous songs were such major hits, expectations are extremely high for his new song. The girls stated, “We love the title track so much – we can’t wait to perform it for our fans!

Meanwhile, member Kang Min Kyung has done some composing of her own for the mini-album, so fans can look forward to hearing some of her original works.

Davichi has been busy performing in the musical ‘Tears of Heaven“, as well as taking up roles in SBS’s “Smile, Mom“. Davichi is scheduled for their comeback on KBS’s ‘Music Bank‘ on September 2nd.



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