Aug 17, 2011

Dal Shabet's Subin falls off stage; receives stitches

On August 15th, Dal Shabet's maknae Subin fell off the stage during a performance of "Bling Bling" at the "Bugok Hawaii Summer Festival". The group halted their performance immediately, and Subin was quickly taken to a local hospital. According to fans who attended the performance and recorded videos of the accident, Dal Shabet later continued their performances without Subin.

Happy Face Entertainment, the girl group's agency, commented in a statement, “It was during the girl’s ‘Bling Bling’ performance, when she caught her foot on the end of the stage, which in turn caused her to slip and fall. She immediately was treated at the scene, where she received a pain-killer as she was taken to the hospital.” According to the company, Subin has not suffered any serious injury: “Subin was not seriously hurt, but she was surprised by the incident," they said. "After the medical examination we will know her exact condition. This is so terrible that something like this has happened, since the girls just returned with their single ‘Bling Bling’.”

However, their story changed on the 16th. A representative said, "Subin received emergency treatment at a nearby hospital, and this morning arrived at a hospital in Gangnam, Seoul, where she had a surgery to stitch her lips. According to the hospital, the lip's interior mucous membrane and gum were torn about three centimeters. They sewed it together with eight stitches."

Following her surgery, "Subin is currently receiving treatment and resting at home," the representative said. As for Dal Shabet's schedule, he said, "Subin's health right now is the first priority. We are planning to continue her schedules after her health gets better." Dal Shabet had been promoting their newest single, "Bling Bling", before Subin's unfortunate accident.



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