Aug 13, 2011

Cherry Pie Singer Jani Lane Found Dead

Cherry Pie singer and the lead vocalist of 80s glam rocker group "Warrant" Jani Lane was found dead inside his hotel room at Comfort Inn hotel in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles. He was 47.

No official statement on the cause of death of his death was released.

Lane who was sentenced to 120 days in jail in 2010 after being arrested twice for DUI (driving under influence) within two years, talked in the past how he hates the song Cherry Pie despite it hitting the Top 10 in America and putting their Cherry Pie album to number seven on the Billboard charts.

"The record was done. The record was called Uncle Tom's cabin. Donnie called up and said 'I don't hear the single'.. so that night I wrote Cherry Pie, sent it to him, he listened to it over the weekend and all of a sudden, the album's called Cherry Pie, the record's called Cherry Pie, the single's called Cherry Pie, Im doing cherry pie eating contests, the single's Cherry Pie and my legacy is Cherry Pie, everything about me is Cherry Pie. Im the Cherry Pie guy.

"I could shoot myself in the f****** head for writing that song." he said in past interview.

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