Aug 4, 2011

CCP Art Exhibit 'Kulo'- Irreligious Images or Just Art? Mideo Cruz' Polytheism Photos

3rd Update: Mideo Cruz, the artist behind the "Polytheism" in the "Kulo" art exhibit which was displayed in the Cultural Center of the Philippines and earned negative criticisms from several Catholic groups apologized to the public. Read his statements here.

2nd Update: CCP closed the Art Exhibit "Kulo" due to threats being received by the artists and CCP Officials. Read the article here

The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Art Exhibit entitled "Kulo" is now in hot waters after several Catholic groups said that this is irreligious and blasphemous.

As reported by GMA News, Eric Manalang - President of Pro-life Philippines said,

"By Thursday afternoon, we will file a case if they do not stop the exhibit and if they do not also make amends because stopping is not enough. The damage has been done"

According to local news reports, the controversial art exhibit includes images and statues such as:

1. A wooden replica of male genital in front of Jesus Christ image.
2. An image of Christ wherein his eyes had been darkened by ink.
3. Crucifix with condom.
4. Religious pictures beside women underwear models.
5. Seated Christ statue with red ball on His nose and a semi mickey mouse ears.

Quoted from CCP website,

KULÔ is a group exhibition at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Main Gallery showing until August 21, 2011. It was launched on June 17 on the occasion of CCP’s celebration of Jose Rizal’s 150th birthday. This exhibit was proposed to the CCP as the artists’ response to this important celebration, and makes the connection as well to the 400th year of the University of Santo Tomas."

The controversial artwork was created by Medeo Cruz of UST. (Read more about him and his artwork here)
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