Aug 9, 2011

Captain Morgan's Ship Wreckage Discovered

Captain Morgan's ship wreckage was found near Lajas reef in Panama as claimed by a team of U.S. archaeologists from Texas State University.

The wreckage of a vessel is believed to have belonged to 17th century pirate Captain Henry Morgan, one of the most notorious privateers in history.

Captain Henry Morgan, was a real seafarer from Wales, with a reputation for being a bloodthirsty pirate, but in fact, he was not an outlaw. He was a "privateer," meaning he enjoyed the support of his government that was interested in breaking up Spanish domination of the riches of the colonies in the New World.

Texas State University archaeologists were diving near the Lajas Reef when they discovered a large portion of the hull belonging to what they believe to be Morgan’s flagship, “Satisfaction,” according to the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

Inside the ship, which sank in 1671, are unopened cargo containers, chests, and other items of note, according to reports.

Watch what some of the archaeologists involved in the discovery of Captain Morgan’s ship has to say about this discovery in the video below:

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