Aug 13, 2011

Best Techniques To Become An Influential Commentator

Nowadays almost everyone said blogs, whether competitors or not.

However, many comments left in vain, that really did not add anything useful to the subject and was merely a waste of time for you.

Being a good commentator on other blogs is extremely important, especially if you become influential.

There are a few tips and techniques to become an influential commentator, here, is any other blog. Please note:

1 - The link you put in the comments

Usually the link in the comments that arises is that corresponding to the homepage of our website.

There are however, ways to make better gains from exploitation of that link. One of the best techniques used by bloggers is to put the address of your feeds instead of putting the address of your website. Besides acting as a way to increase subscriptions, also gives the more curious the opportunity of reviewing various other content on your website. Say this is a slightly more aggressive marketing.

For those who do not like to be aggressive, you can simply leave a link to an article that is relevant to who is reading your comment.

If you can get a link to an article of yours on the same subject, the better. Besides you be offering a greater context, is to give opportunity to other pages than the homepage, to become known and improve their own Page Rank.

2 - The comments will

Unfortunately it is common to see much comment in the blogosphere style "very good", "interesting", etc..

Although it is important to review, comment is also important to know quality. You only have to gain from this, believe me!

Add value to your comment and the post itself is the best way to ensure visitors back to your blog.

Use the comments as a way to show your knowledge, and not as a way to take advantage of another blogger whatsoever.

Comments deep and well structured, are always the subject of hundreds of visitors later.

3 - Do not be sore elbow

Usually in the comments is important to be positive. If you want to be somewhat negative view of the work exhibited, or try in any way harm the blogger with your comment, it is likely that this comment is deleted or a mild response also sour, for various reasons that will hurt you you and your blog. When trying to guess or have elbow pain, you need to realize the risk you run. If your idea is wrong, it is more likely, the repercussions will be incredible.

In trying to be negative, you want your comment to be ignored. The idea is precisely the opposite!

If you want to say that a service is bad, you choose to say that does not agree with the post, and recommends the service be better for Y in A and B. When making a post like this, you will add value to the blogger. This is the most important.

4 - Knowledge sharing

The best reviews are definitely those that are built in order to add value to the post.

A simple comment line will probably be a little influence, rather than an extremely well thought out comment and thoughtful, with one or two paragraphs.

The bloggers will remember and visit your website when your comment somehow stuck in their retina.

This is the most important. Never forget that there are no untouchables or bloggers who do not comment on other blogs because they are the true luminaries in your niche. This is a wrong idea, both for itself and for the blogger.

Everyone visit everyone when their content is of value, either in comments or in posts.

It's funny to look that good comments on blogs of success, always bring hundreds of visitors later. This is the effect of an influential commentator.

At the same time to be an influential commented, you can also improve your way of promoting others' remarks.

One of the best ways to attract more comments to your blog is using the plugin CommentLuv that whenever someone puts a comment, it puts an additional link to the last post of your blog. Nothing more interesting to comment and leave a precious link to his latest title, right?

The end result may be a commentary with the following footnote. The style and the sentence will depend on the configuration to use later in your blog.

The plugin is quite simple to install and activate, and offers added value to their readers when they post comments.

Download CommentLuv plugin!

In conclusion, commenting is not, nor should it be a science.

When you place a comment on a blog is necessary to be aware of the value of a comment.

Consider essential to first consider the quality of your comments, instead of taking advantage of the blog to promote your alien.

His influence in the comments of a blog is measured by its regularity and consistency. Take a few minutes of your day to day, to comment on other blogs, putting their knowledge in the field and who also need help. Sharing knowledge is always the best way to achieve success. Read How to Increase Your Visits With OpenID Commenting.

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