Aug 4, 2011

Australian Teenager Freed 10 Hours of Bomb Scare

Australian teenager freed from a 10 horrifying hours of being trapped in a home near a suspected bomb.

18-year-old Madeleine Pulver told authorities that a stranger in a balaclava broke into her family home in Sydney Harbour suburb of Mosman, and attached the device leaving a ransom note before fleeing yesterday afternoon.

She called for help and bomb squad officers arrived at the house. They consulted with other experts, including the British military, before attempting to remove the device, which police last night described as a "collar bomb" of sophisticated design. There remained doubt last night whether the device was viable

The teen was doing well after being freed and was reunited with her parents, who had been kept out of the house by police during the ordeal for their own safety. The young woman was being taken to a hospital for an examination, police said.

Watch the video here courtesy of CBS News:

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