Aug 15, 2011

Anna Hazare Janlokpal Bill Versus Government Lokpal Bill – Honesty and Corruption Test on Lokpal Bill

Anna Hazare Janlokpal Bill Versus Government Lokpal Bill – Honesty and Corruption Test on Lokpal Bill

Who is Honest Anna Hazare Janlokpal Bill or Government Lokpal Bill

The purpose of this honesty test is to find which Lokpal bill is good for India that Janlokpal Bill or Congress government Lokpal Bill

After reading this your heart and soul will answer you who is honest and to whom support.

Honesty Test 1

Anna says:

If the job is not done within stipulated time, the concerned

Officer or department head should be fined which should be given to

The complainant as compensation

Government says:

A Citizen’s Charter can be made, but does not

Agree to fine the concerned officer for not having done his job on


Honesty Test 2

Anna says:

The machinery of Corruption is wired & connected from top

To bottom. Investigating only the top officials will not be enough. The

Common public has to get their work done by the lower ranking officers.

Whatever system the government has to create to fight corruption

Should be done. Must be done.

Government Says:

The Lokpal should investigate corruption charges

Against only Group a level officers (the highest ranking officials),

Because it is not possible for one agency to investigate matters related

To 40 Lakh Central Government Officials.

Honesty Test 3 –

Anna says:

The common man has to deal more with the state

government for their everyday needs, eg. Rashion, Pension, Roads,

Electricity etc. Therefore, only a lokpal at the center will not be

enough. Under the same Lokpal Bill, a Lokayuct should be formed in

every state, which will investigate corruption of state government


Government says:

The job of controlling corruption in State

Government Offices should be left to the state governments. If the

state government wants; they can make their own Lokayuct. The

government says that as per our constitution, the decision to create a

lokayuct, is under the purview of the state governments.

Honesty Test 4 –

Many times, MP have been accused of taking bribes to vote or ask questions

in the Parliament. Who should investigate these matters?

Anna says:

Investigations into such matters can not be left to the

Member of Parliament's own committees, as there is always a

possibility of favoritism.

This is the reason why, despite serious allegations, no MP has gone to jail. So, the job of independent & fair investigation should be given to the Lokpal. And we should not shy

away from making amendments to the constitution if necessary.

Government Says:

Such investigations can be done only by

Parliamentary Committees as has been happening till now.

As per the constitution, MP’s has this special privilege.

If such matters are investigated by the Lokpal, it will be outside the constitution.

Honesty Test 5 –

If there is an allegation of corruption on a Judge, permission needs to be

taken from the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court before initiating

investigations on that judge.

Anna says:

Despite several matters relating to corruption in the

judiciary in the past 20 years, permission to investigate has been given

in only 2 cases.

This very point makes it clear that judges will never give

permission against their own judge "brothers".

Therefore, the authority to give permission to investigate judges should be given to a 7 member

bench of the Lokpal which will be fair and independent.

Government says:

Correct decision on permission to investigate in matters about judges, can only be taken by judges. Giving this right to the Lokpal, will be a compromise on the independence of the judiciary.

A separate bill is being brought for this. As per this new bill, a

committee of 3 judges of the same court will grant permission to

investigate the accused judge.

Honesty Test 6 –

If the Prime Minister is accused of corruption, the CBI is the investigative

authority today.

Anna says:

The CBI works directly under the Prime Minister's control. So

how can the CBI Investigate its own boss? A system can easily be put in

place to curb petty & baseless allegations.

Government says:

Considering the post of the prime minister, this job

should not be given to the lokpal. Therefore, this work should remain

with the CBI. If there are thousands of complaints against the Prime

Minister, it will become difficult for him to work

Honesty Test 7 –

If an official is fount guilty during investigation, who should have the power

to dismiss him?

Anna says:

Usually, in the corruption case of an official, the

concerned minister is also involved. It has been found that instead of

punishing the corrupt, ministers often give them lucrative postings.

Therefore, they can not take a correct decision on guilty officers. The

power to dismiss a corrupt official should be with the Lokpal. The

minister will still have the power on transfers, postings, promotions

of officials and so the officials will obey his orders.

Government says:

The power to dismiss an official found guilty of

corruption should be with the concerned minister of that

department. As per the government, if the power to dismiss a

corrupt official is given to the Lokpal, the officials will stop obeying

orders of the ministers.

Honesty Test 8 –

Who is Honest Anna Hazare Jan lokpal Bill or Government Lokpal Bill ?

India has to pass one Lokpal Bill

In this honesty test what your heart says

Anna or Government

If your heart says that Anna is right then

Please today that is 15th August 2011 keep your lights of between 8 to 9 PM India time.

And tell everyone Keep the lights off. Do not watch television entertainment channels between 8 to 9 PM India time.

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