Aug 3, 2011

After School’s UEE has a crush on 2PM’s Chansung?

After School’s UEE revealed that she’s got a little crush on 2PM’s maknae Chansung.

On the most recent recording of KBS2TV’s “Happy Together Season 3“, the male and female guests on the program had to couple up for a game.

But before they did, the guests had to say who they wanted to be partnered with.

During this corner, UEE chose Chansung, and her reason was: “I want to know more about him.” The MCs asked her what about him she wanted to know, and she became a bit flustered.

UEE revealed that Chansung is the type of guy she likes, so she’s curious about what kind of a guy he is. Due to her confession, Chansung got a little embarrassed, but quite happy.

Thereafter, UEE showed Chansung a sexy dance to show her charms, and the other 2PM members on set were apparently very jealous of their maknae.

This episode will air on August 4th.


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