Aug 5, 2011

After School’s Lizzy is a ’sleeping beauty’

A recent photo of After School BLUE’s Lizzy inspired fans to call her ‘Sleeping Beauty’!

Lizzy was snapped taking a snooze on a bed, and the photo shows off the singer’s S-line. The photo was taken on set for AS BLUE’s “Wonder Boy” music video, during the scene when she wakes up from her sleep. Because of this particular photo, the “Wonder Boy” music video regained popularity once again.

Clicke the URL below for the video:

An official from the music video set stated, “Since all the members are close, they chatted amongst themselves during their breaks. I was impressed by their image. Because After School BLUE’s teamwork is originally very good, they maintained a sociable atmosphere, which helped filming run smoothly.”

In response to the photo, netizens commented, “Even while sleeping, you look very pretty. You really look like a princess sleeping in a forest”, “Lizzy is so cute I want to bite her”, and “She looks like an angel in her sleep. Lizzy is the best!”

‘Sleeping Beauty’ is quite an appropriate title, don’t you think?

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