Aug 15, 2011

Actor Lee Kyun reveals the atmosphere on the ‘Spy Myung Wol’ set

Actor Lee Kyun, who’s currently shooting ‘Spy Myung Wol‘ with Han Ye Seul and Eric, took to Twitter recently to express his thoughts on the on-going dispute that’s haunting the drama.

Lee Kyun wrote “Everyday is excessive. As someone who is present in this excessive situation, it got me thinking about a lot of things. My day flew by with me waiting on standby for 8 hours. More than today, I am worried about tomorrow. Uhng-Uhng“. After reading this, Lee Kyun’s friends responded with concern.

A friend of Lee Kyun’s said, “Kyun-ah, you are suffering so much. But I’m still hoping that you’ll endure until the drama ends,” to which Lee Kyun replied, “I will always faithfully work hard.

The reason why Lee Kyun wrote these words on Twitter was to express his stifling feelings about Han Ye Seul’s refusal to show up for filming.

On August 14th, Han Ye Seul failed to show up for her scheduled filming. At the time, Han Ye Seul’s representatives stated that her absence was due to health issues; it was later revealed that it wasactually due to a conflict between Han Ye Seul and the production crew. Filming on August 14th went on without her scenes.

However, just as Lee Kyun feared, recording on August 15th was cancelled altogether when Han Ye Seul continued to not show up. A source stated, “The current situation is ‘half cancelled, half standby’. Han Ye Seul has to come back in order for the other actors to continue, but there has been no contact.

Consequently, the day’s broadcast is in a critical condition, and it looks as if an episode of highlights will be aired instead.

After hearing this news, netizens commented “Even though Lee Kyun’s broadcast quantity amounts to about 5-10 minutes he works that hard…“, “Please come back Han Ye Seul-sshi“, “Couldn’t you come back for the other actors?“, and “I feel bad for Lee Kyun, the other actors, and crew“.



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