Jul 31, 2011

Will St. Vincent Nurses Go on Strike?

KOB - TV - Christus St. Vincent union nurses are deciding whether they will go on strike Sunday in an ongoing battle with the administration. A contract between the two expires at midnight Sunday and if nothing is done, the nurses will take action. The union said they have already given up millions in worker benefits to hospital administration to make sure the nurse to patient ratio stays at safe levels. Contentious negotiations over the issue have been going on since April and the union said the out of state company that runs the hospital has been in the business of union busting. The union also said the reason they are fighting so hard is to make sure there is enough staffing to make the hospital safe for patients. Santa Fe Mayor David Coss along with several high ranking officials, including Speaker Ben Lujan attended Saturday's meeting to show their support. Read full story here: News New Mexico

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