Jul 31, 2011

Sean and his kids throw ceremonial pitch for LG Twins

On July 30th, rapper Sean took his three kids to throw the ceremonial pitch for the pro baseball match between the LG Twins and the Samsung Lions.

With Ha Eum, Harang, and Hayul in tow, Sean got on the mound and impressed the crowd by managing to pitch with baby Hayul in his arms.

After the event, he tweeted, “I pitched… with Hayul in my arms. I’m a father!”

Having just welcomed their fourth child into the world, the family is definitely looking as happy as ever.

Netizens commented, “He’s quite good with a child in his arms. They’re like one body”, “So adorable”, “How did he come up with an idea like that?”, and “Hayul has grown so much. Curious about their newborn daughter now.”


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