Jul 31, 2011

T-ara’s Qri takes a cute selca in an old school uniform

On July 31st, T-ara’s Qri shared a selca that she took in the waiting room for this week’s‘Inkigayo‘ broadcast.

Qri jokingly tweeted, “I came to watch T-ara unnies! I’m a huge fan of the unnies. I always hear that I look like Qri unnie! Please remember me!”

T-ara’s concept for the “Roly-Poly” performance on “Inkigayo” this week was ’70s High School Girls‘, where the members all dressed up in old school uniforms and had plaited hair.

Qri snapped a picture of herself pretending to be a high school fangirl, as indicated by her costume and the ‘T-ara’ paper fan.

Netizens reacted with, “I’m a fan of Qri unnie too!”, “You look exactly like Qri. Are you guys twins?”, and“You’re cute today as well! You look just like a doll!”


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