Jul 31, 2011

T-ara reveals their first impressions of "Roly Poly"

We previously reported that girl group T-ara has seen a lot of success with their retro concept since the release of their latest title track "Roly Poly". Solidified by wins on M! Countdown andInkigayo, the song's immense popularity has led to the group also releasing a dance choreography video, as well as a part two andpart three to their "Roly Poly" music video. It was recently revealed that T-ara will release a new European dance version of the music video.

With all the success that the song has seen so far, it may be assumed that T-ara has enjoyed the retro concept of "Roly Poly" from the beginning. However, it was recently revealed that this is not so.

T-ara revealed their thoughts on their first impressions of the "Roly Poly" concept, saying, "When we first saw our costumes, we were even more embarrassed than when we first had to wear our 'Bo Peep Bo Peep' gloves. It looked like something our mothers bought at a cheap flea market. There were big disco pants, shirts with spacious collars, colorful buttons and even handkerchiefs for our neck."

The members of T-ara revealed that, prior to their promotions for "Roly Poly", none of them had had any knowledge of the retro area. As girl groups like Kara and SNSD had seen much success with their promotions with cute concepts like "Oh!" and "Jumping", the girls of T-ara expressed their discontent with the new concept to the president of Core Contents Media. Unfortunately for them at the time, he did not yield.


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