Jul 31, 2011

[News] Report on Kim Hyun Joong's Press Conference/Showcase

Credit: 腾讯娱乐

Via 'Boys Over Flowers', SS501's leader Kim Hyun Joong's popularity exploded in Japan. On July 29th, he held a showcase for his debut solo album 'Break Down' in Zepp Tokyo. During the press conference, the media asked him with his experience from SS501's Japan performances, is he still nervous? With a confident face, he replied 'Frankly I'm not nervous. What I'm concerned is how to make the live performances more interesting.' Management company boss Bae Yong Jun shares a senior-junior and friendship relationship with him. He mentioned that Bae Yong Jun frequently send him messages to encourage him. The difference with the promotions in Korea is Kim Hyun Joong's eye-catching blonde hairstyle, he explained 'This is due to the recent promotion of 'Kiss Kiss', to appear more cute.'

During the end of the press conference, it was photo-taking time. Several media protested against the three gigantic speakers on stage blocking their cameras' angles. Before the staffs respond, caring Leader(how Kim Hyun Joong fans call him) took the initiative and walked to the front of the stage. Because the cardboard figure that the organisers prepared was not captured, before the staffs react, Hyun Joong understood tacitly and moved to the spot desired by the media. 'Although due to the language barrier, Hyun Joong has the image of speaking little to the reporters, but his outspoken characteristic has been shown through details' many media praised.

'This is my first solo album, depicting the growth of a 26 years old man. From songs selection, to the filming of the MV, the design of the album cover, I took part in all.' the album is the fruit of his labour said Hyun Joong. What's memorable to the reporters is, Kim Hyun Joong self-mock saying 'I'll like to sing more songs too, but this mini-album only has this many songs.' Kim Hyun Joong revealed that the new album to be released in autumn 'has already finished recording all the songs'.

1 hour after the showcase ended, Kim Hyun Joong attended Fuji TV's program. The stage attracted 6000 fans. A representative of Fuji TV expressed 'There were 20 000 applications to be part of the audience'.

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