Jul 31, 2011

[VIDEO] Seungri Me2Day Update

MESSAGE: BIGBANG 뉴질랜드 노스페이스 광고촬영중 ㅡ 우리는 팥과 떡 그리고 시럽이 필요했다 거대한 빙수위에서있는기분 좋은추억만들어준 노스페이스 감사합니다.”
한국도착 팬들위한선물 탑 태양 귀요미 촬영감독 승리 반지의제왕 나니아연대기 촬영장소
Translation:BIGBANG’s The North Face CM shooting in New Zealand ㅡ I felt like we’re standing on the top of a giant bing-soo and some bean paste and syrup is much needed.Thank you very much for the good memory,The North Face.
Tags:Arrive at Korea,Gifts to the fans,T.O.P,Taeyang,Kuiyomi,Director of Photography,Seungri,The Lord of The Rings,The Chronicles of Narnia,Shooting location.
Source: Seungri Me2Day via gilbakk2010@YT
Translation: TeamBigBang C:bIGBANGUPDATES

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