Jul 31, 2011

INFINITE’s Woohyun catches attention for his abs

INFINITE have finally made their round of comebacks on music programs this week.

While there’s a lot of buzz surrounding their catchy music and choreography, netizens are zeroing in on member Woohyun’s unbelievable abs.

Though Woohyun’s abs were revealed for just a few seconds in each performance, savvy fans managed to grab screencaps each time.

Impressed netizens have brought up search terms like ‘Woohyun abs’, ‘Woohyun 11 abs’, ‘Woohyun luxury abs’ to the top of search rankings, marking Wooyun as the next ‘abs-idol’.

A representative said, “Although they were revealed for just a few short seconds, his abs are receiving quite a lot of attention, as they demonstrate his growth from a boy into a man.”

Netizens commented, “Woohyun’s abs are the best!”, and “Woohyun oppa’s luxurious abs no matter which way you look.”


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