Jul 31, 2011

Park Jungmin attends "August Romance" press conference and begins filming in Taiwan

SS501's Park Jungmin had a fan meeting in Shanghai last month, singing all of the songs from his solo album as well as a special song for fans in Chinese. In recent months, he has performed at the K-pop Wave Concert in Thailand as well as at the KIMCHI concert in Indonesia. From his debut as a solo singer with "Not Alone" to his first mini-album, Park Jungmin has seen much success in Korea as well as overseas.

In particular, his Japanese mobile drama "August Romance" has attracted much attention. On July 18, the press conference for "August Romance" attracted not just the director for the drama, Park Jungmin, and co-star Miki Sakai, but approximately 4,000 fans as well. His agency expressed that the "August Romance" production team "included officials affiliated with the movie and TV drama industry. They are all brilliant and talented, and people can expect Park Jungmin's excellent performance in both his Japanese language skills and his acting in the drama."

Later that day, Park Jungmin performed at the "UN Concert - Friend's Whistle! Act for Tomorrow! Vol. 2", a charity concert event. On July 21, he flew to Taiwan to begin filming for a Taiwanese drama, in which he is reported to be taking on a lead role.

On his upcoming drama, he was quoted to have said, "To prepare for the Taiwanese drama, I’ve been studying Chinese really hard; I hope to speak fluent Chinese for the drama." Not only will he participate in the drama as a main character, but he will be involved in the OST as well.

Park Jungmin will later return to Korea for his TV promotions.


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