May 15, 2009

Technical services of the Olympic Games in Rome

technical regulations

On October 1st 1956, the Technical Section was formed and placed in the hands of Mr. Virgilio Tommasi. Acting on the basis of directives received, the Section worked out a general programme of work, the salient points of which may be summarised as follows: setting up of sports committees; work­ing out of a sports programme and timetable; drawing up of technical regula­tions, entries to competitions; preparation and formation of juries; selection and purchase of competition equipment; employment of personnel in sta­diums; technical equipping, both internally and externally, of sports and training venues, flag requirements and displacements; timekeeping services.

In order to create an efficient organisation for the various Sports included in the programme of the Rome Games, one of the first problems to be dealt with was the selection and recruiting of persons considered suitable for their organisational capacities, technical competence and experience.

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