Aug 9, 2011

Sunny Hill reveals ‘making-of’ clips for “Pray” MV

Sunny Hill released a haunting music video a few days back for their follow-up song, “Pray, which got banned from airplay due to its scenes of abusive horror.

While the group has decided not to re-edit the scenes because they wanted to protect the integrity of their work, they did release a making-of video to satisfy their fans.

In it, fans can watch actor Lee Jae Yong getting primed in the makeup room as the staff work around him to put on his mask. Lee Jae Yong plays the MV’s main character, the ‘Creature’, who was treated as an outcast and villain because of his disfigured looks.

While the Lee Jae Yong certainly wowed the audience with his poignant performance of the Creature’s pain and suffering, many more wanted to know how he could transform into such a realistic monster. Check out the clip below to find out!

Click the URL below for the video:

Loen Entertainment later added a second making-of video onto their YouTube channel, this time for the filming of the members’ scenes in the MV.

Click the URL below for the video:

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