Aug 9, 2011

Sunny Hill climbs up music charts with "Pray"

Although Sunny Hill has faced some difficulties lately what with Korean broadcasting companies MBC and KBS banning their new "Pray" MV less than a day after its release, and LOEN Entertainment's re-evaluation request being denied, "Pray" is seeing much success. It has received explosive responses from fans, who have enjoyed the song for its ballad-esque feeling, which greatly contrasts all of the dance/electronic tracks that have been released in the K-pop industry lately.

Famous for his work with Zia's "Smile", Lee Hyori's "Don't Cry", and Brown Eyed Girls' "Glam Girl", composer KZ also composed Sunny Hill's "Pray", a ballad that showcases the group members' expressive vocals.

With over 220,000 views on YouTube, "Pray" has been doing well on online music charts as well as mobile ones. Music sites Dosirak and Bugs have seen "Pray" at 1st place, while Nate Mobile's chart includes "Pray" in its top 10.

Sunny Hill thanked their fans, "I'm very thankful for all the love we're receiving from our fans. You can all keep expecting something better in the future."

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