Aug 9, 2011

Singer-songwriter Lala Wine releases debut single, “Baby U”

Netizens have been all ears for a new rookie soloist by the name of Lala Wine, who just released her debut single, “Baby U“, earlier this week.

Singer-songwriter Lala Wine first drew attention with her sexy album jacket photo, which features a stunning backside and a focus point of ‘back dimples’.

Her agency said, “Lala Wine has experience working in broadcasting prior to her debut. As she is a singer, we will be attracting attention to her music before we slowly begin to reveal her identity.”

Sexy photo aside, her music is actually really clean and different in sound compared to what we mostly hear from K-Pop today. “Baby U” is a fun swing/jazz track that’s sweet, outgoing, and definitely addictive.

Check it out below, and remember to support the artist by purchasing the music here.

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