Aug 9, 2011

Mumbai Sea Oil Spill Corruption spin – Indians Citizens Pay to clean the dirt created by ship companies in Mumbai Sea

Mumbai Sea Oil Spill Corruption spin –

Indians Citizens Pay to clean the dirt created by ship companies in Mumbai Sea

Last few years now and then we get the news that XYZ ship came near Juhu beach or xyz beach.

After that what happens?

Media reports that environment will get damaged, there was Oil spill, oil leakage etc.

When such things happened in America, the law enforcement agencies saw the No.1 Giant BP paid so much that it sold its shares.

Here in India our laws so useless and third class that the ship comes, makes our sea shore dirty and no one is fined and no one goes to jail.

We got the laws but they are useless and full of loop holes without any clarity and simplicity.

A good and honest law has clarity and vision but our Indian laws are drafted in such a way that criminals enjoy them. We common citizens of India while and writing and commenting or talking on such issues we avoid them fearing that Government agencies will do our Ramdev Baba with there danda that is stick.

Please remember British people gave the danda in the hands of Police department to beat the common Indians , after independence also the danda is there , fear is there and still we are the slaves of government machinery.

Coming back to issue so don’t you think that the ship company which makes our sea environment dirty should be punished?

The officers who did not see the big ship coming to beach should be punished?

Reality is we got nothing and no responsibility on anyone?

The MV Rak that sank off the coast of Mumbai last week has leaked about 100 tonnes of oil.

And comedy is that our environment minister says that there is nothing to worry about it.

Nothing to worry?

Last year hope you remember that MSC Chitra's collided with the ship Khalijia.

After that what happened do you know?

CNNIBN filed a RTI application and found that Rs 1.2 crore were given by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) to four district collectors, NEERI and NIO for cleaning operations

CNNIBN reported that Maharashtra government spent more than Rs.7 or 8 Crore on cleaning the sea .

Organizations like TERI and NCC worked for free still government spent so much.

I do not understand why TERI and NCC worked free, the private company whose ship created dirt and damaged sea environment should pay all the expenses for cleaning?

But the owners of MSC Chitra have paid only Rs 1 crore so far.

Why paid so much less.

May be insurance company paid them Rs.1 crore so they paid one crore only.

And our government works and uses government money as they are the owners of that money.

I do not understand why government do not fine them 1000 times the expenses made?

I do not understand why government do not recover 100% fine from the polluter?

Do you think they take the bribes and let go polluter free?

What you think?

Now MV Rak has made our Indian sea dirty and again government has started to spend money on this clean up process.

Environment Secretary Valsa Nair Singh said, "We have already sanctioned Rs 10 lakh to

The BMC and coastal districts

Request to government make the laws simple, clear with vision and hefty fines.

A fine should be so much that a rich person should become a beggar.

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