Aug 8, 2011

Mideo Cruz Art in CCP Art Exhibit Earned Negative Reactions on the Photo Exhibit

Mr. Mideo Cruz, an artist from University of Sto. Tomas who posted a "Polytheism" art in the CCP Art Exhibit Kulo earned negative reactions and criticisms from Catholic groups and ordinary citizens. (Know more about Mideo Cruz)

Mideo Cruz is the man behind the controversial artwork of Jesus Christ with a male genital on his face. (Read: CCP Art Exhibit Kulo)

Medeo Cruz (the guy wearing white) and Steve Dailisan

Here are some of the collected reactions of Filipino citizens regarding Cruz' artworks. (Comments from wallyibong)

The "artist" is obviously KSP! As christians let us not cast the first stone. Do not condemn him. Leave that to God.To Moises, we catholics (and most other christian groups) do not worship images. They are instruments to remind us of holy men and women, but they are not gods. They represent holy people, therefore, when you disrespect their representation, you disrespect what they stand for: holiness, serving, compassion, etc. I don't think it is art if it violates the sensibilIities of others. I am not buddhist, but i wouldn't want buddha desecrated as what they did in afghanistan either. - anonymous

kung sa middle east nya ito ginawa at naoffend ang islamic religion, PUTOL ANG ULO NITONG BABOY NA ITO..Hayyy...CCP mga inutil! - anonymous

it all winds up to this: the CCP should have considered the sensibilities of the filipino culture. obviously, they disregarded the sentiments of the christians. what connection has it to RIZAL? aside from being anti-catholic, masonic, anti-clergy? catholics do not worship images (as what protestants believe). Art is one way of glorifying God, man's way of teaching the Good News in pictorial form , because most people were illiterate in the early years of christianity. but when you desecrate holy representations, THIS IS NOT ART! it is GARBAGE! sincerely, a UST graduate - anonymous

the art represent the artist it only show what kind of personality he has, ginawa tayo ng dyos n kawangis nya kung gnun art ginawa nya s imahe o s khit anung litrato prang inimage n rin nya sa sarili dun s artwork nya. - anonymous

>>ginawa tayo ng dyos n kawangis nya - anonymous

even if it's not about religion at all... how can it be good to look at a person's picture with a male organ covering it's face?! - anonymous

You can also freely express your reactions and comments in the comment box below.

Picture courtesy of Steve Dailisan

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