Aug 9, 2011

Kim Sa Rang chosen for having a body lovelier than Hollywood actresses’

Actress Kim Sa Rang was named for having a body that’s lovelier than a Hollywood star’s.

Recently, The Line Plastic Surgery clinic in Chungdam-dong surveyed 412 female college students about who had a body that was more beautiful than a Hollywood star’s. Actress Kim Sa Rang received the most votes, claiming 45.3% of the votes (187 votes). Following behind her was Shin Min Ah with 103 votes (25%), and Jun Hye Bin with 100 votes (24.2%).

The female college students that participated said that they chose Kim Sa Rang because her facial line looked elegant and she had a well-balanced body.

The results come as no surprise to many, as Kim Sa Rang became a blue-chip of the advertising world, thanks to her endorsements of a variety of brands, including makeup, fashion, food, and water purifiers.

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